Integrated multi part type handling in a compact machine

Surface mount technology continues to grow as the most popular method for placement of electronic parts, and the quantity of discrete parts used has reduced year by year. However, discrete parts do continue to be used together with surface mount devices—mostly in consumer electrical appliances and automotive related products. It is believed that this situation will remain the same going forward.

  • The functionality of three machines in one machine
    A mixed insertion machine into which different dedicated insertion machines for radial parts, axial parts, and jumpers are merged into one. The many available functions can provide immediate support for variable-mix, variable-volume production.
  • Installation space is significantly reduced
    Saves space through integration and compact design.
  • Have zero works in progress
    Integrating the three types of insertion reduces works in progress.
  • Freely combined part supply units
    Required units are set based on production.
  • Reduced changeover time
    The removable feeder pallet can be used for offline changeover and batch exchange of feeders, making changeover work more efficient.