Flexible high-mix production

The AIMEX series from FUJI is an industry-leading placement system in the SMD segment with an all-in-one placement head and 130 x 8mm feeder tracks.

Due to its flexibility, the AIMEX III / IIIc is the right machine for high-mix production, but also for prototype production.

(+) High capability AIMEX III/IIIc

Very large PCBs can be handled – with the help of the longboard option even up to 1.50 m PCB length

  • Single robot with single conveyor – large panel production
  • Twin robots with double conveyors – additional power generation for one product or simultaneous placement of two products on the double track

(+) Space saving machine concept of AIMEX IIIc

Due to the compact design and the short length, more space is gained in the line layout. Depending on the setup, it is suitable for:

  • High-mix production
  • High volume production

Three key points when choosing the best machine for high-mix production:

(1) Versatility – Versatile options for high-mix production

  • A component spectrum from 0402 (01005″) to 102 x 102 mm is covered by one single placement head. Topped off with the application of glue dots – that package in a single machine
  • Automatic placement of PCB support pins
  • Automatic tool change of vacuum nozzles and grippers
  • Placement and print insertion on larger and “odd-form” components

(2) High quality – features to support high quality placement

  • Component monitoring at the nozzle for each component and at full speed – before, during and after placement
  • Elimination of placement errors thanks to multiple checks

(3) Simple – Easy and trouble-free handling of different component types

  • Reduction in the number of setups
  • Flexible optimizations adapt to your working methods
  • Quick and easy creation of part descriptions
  • Smooth production start-up