To cutting edge placement technology with continuing evolution

The spread of multifunction and high-performance electronics is increasing rapidly.

Production lines must respond flexibly and in the shortest possible time to mass production and fluctuations in demand.

Since its launch in 2003, the SMD placement systems of the modular NXT series have been constantly evolved to meet the needs of users.

  • Operators can easily and quickly exchange placement heads
  • The placement machine automatically performs calibration after placement heads are exchanged
  • Efficiency increases with simple data flow
  • Demand-oriented line reconfiguration
  • Increase of line capacity with minimal costs

Higher quality

  • Checks tombstoned parts, missing parts, and up-side down parts
  • Checks for different constants, and checks for bent leads and missing bumps
  • Checks panel warp
  • Low impact placement

Production with variable-mix variable-volume

  • Full support for all types of packaging
  • DX head supporting various types of part types
  • More efficient production by shifting balance of speed and accuracy
  • Conveyors supporting automatic back up pin allocation

Facilitate management and maintenance

  • Stable maintenance quality
  • Manages maintenance results for everything to one nozzle
  • Offline maintenance maximizes the production time
  • Perform maintenance easily and safely

From very small parts to large odd-form parts. NXT caters to a wide range of needs

  • Can support large parts up 38.1 mm in height
  • Supports large parts up to 32 x 180 mm
  • Large connectors can be reliably inserted at one time
  • Function to push parts to reduce the manual insertion process
  • Stick feeders selectable based on operation
  • Various tray supply units
  • NXT IIIc fits even in tight manufacturing environments
  • Optimum for high density placement at high speeds
  • Supports high density placement for 0201 mm (008004”) parts as standard
  • High speed placement of WLCSPs