Create the Future

NXTR PM is a printer that embodies the NXTR concept of reducing line size, high area productivity, front operation, and ease of use.

It is built to support wide panel and frame sizes, and has the capability to print delicate solder patterns. The NXTR PM stencil printer can process different stencil frame sizes, up to 750 x 810 mm. The max. print format is 610 x 610mm. Ultra-fine structures, as well as technologically challenging printing tasks, are processed with ease with the NXTR PM. By creating optimum production schedules using the FUJI system NEXIM, and linking with other machines in the line, it is possible to achieve stable production. Various data is collected within the machine, which can then be used to maintain quality and the state of the machine.

High quality printing

  • Repeated alignment accuracy ±10μm(6σ)
  • Reducing print deviations caused by stretched masks
  • Using the appropriate print pressure
  • No line stops for quality-related errors * Option
    • Automatic mask positioning adjustment
    • Mask condition visualization by mark camera
    • Cup type auto solder supply
    • Automatic cleaning
    • Automatic production stops

Support for various production types

  • Making changeover work hands free
  • Non-stop production * Option
  • Smart factory initiative * Option
  • Supplying materials without stopping production * Option
  • Linien – Visualisierung über NEXIM ADVANCED DASHBOARD * Option