Create the Future FUJI Smart Factory Platform

Evolve to create a new future

NXTR offers a truly modular design for the optimal line configuration that caters to your production.

Real-time sensing placement, optimized placement actions, and part handling checks after placement are just a few examples. This high-end model machine supports new functions that preserve a high level of QCD performance.

NXTR is the next step toward the smart factory of the future

  • Exchange heads in a single action
  • Build module configurations to be optimal for your production
  • Units for supporting various usages
  • Minimal investment per module for production increase
  • Simple work paths for efficiency
  • Automatic, easy, and reliable maintenance offline

Manufacturing sites are all unique, and they have different ways of production that involve a variety of issues. FUJI Smart Factory aims to solve these issues, which in turn improves factory productivity and flexibility as well as maximizes the QCD performance of manufacturing.

High quality placement

  • Offers ±25 µm accuracy placement as standard
  • Checks for tombstoned, missing, and upside-down parts (IPS
  • Places parts in a way that they are not affected by changes in the placement surface height
  • Prevents defects associated with part properties (LCR and coplanarity check)
  • Checks placement within placement machines
  • Places WL-CSPs with high accuracy

Support for various production types

  • Heads that demonstrate strong capability in production
  • World-class speed of placement
  • Expanded conveyable panel size
  • Optimal placement actions tailored to the part
  • Automatic pin allocation even for soft backup pins

Support for evolving placement processes

  • Non-stop production
  • Support for a variety of operation types
  • High-speed flux transfer
  • Optimal production line configurations
  • Easy maintenance
  • Collects waste tape automatically