SMD product carrier box s|tower® SmartCarrier

The s|tower® SmartCarrier is a optional available accessory for the s|tower® Various line.
Due to the usage of a SmartCarrier it is possible to store single components like JEDEC tray´s, drypacks, or othe loose material beside the standard SMD reels.

  • Optional product carrier box (SmartCarrier)
  • Available in 3 different dimensions (7″/13″/15″)
  • Possible to store material up to 77 mm in height
  • Verification by carrier-ID

SmartCarrier product carrier box

Version: 7″/13″/15″
max. material height up to 77 mm
As a sample: up to 20 7″SMD reels can be stored in one single 15″ SmartCarrier