Dry Flow system s|tower® DryFlow

The new s|tower® DryFlow is unique because it combines the advantages of an automatic storage system with the advantages of a drying oven, the possibility of targeted re-drying at room temperature and also has significantly lower energy consumption (only approx. 10%) compared to alternative storage systems.

The s|tower® DryFlow is constructed like the well-known systems of the s|tower® Various series, whereby additional seals are introduced into the housing. Due to its construction, the safety gate primarily seals the system to the outside and is only opened for entry or removal. An additional unit in the s|tower® DryFlow energy-efficient air conditioning and regeneration. The recirculation mode ensures a constant air circulation within the system. Since the system works at room temperature, the oxidation risks are significantly minimized compared to the targeted drying of MSD by annealing.

  • Re-drying at room temperature
  • Low energy consumption
  • MSD’s at 1–5% rF
  • Gentle component drying
  • Modular expandable