GPX C – High precision stencil printer also, for large PCBs

Maintains positioning accuracy of ± 12 μm (6σ) while

  • Consistent, rigid machine design from the base to the print headallows high-precision printing for every task – from ultra-fine patterns (0201 [008004 ”] parts) up to the printing of large panels – and durability for maintaining the print quality

The clamping mechanism supports different types of PCBs

  • Side clamp for printing up to the edge of a printed circuit board
  • Top clamp for all thin PCBs and downward curved PCBs (easy switching to side clamps)
  • Vacuum clamping for upward curved printed circuit boards
  • Several clamping methods are prepared to clamp different types of circuit boards

Minimizes maintenance

  • The solder paste supply and stencil cleaning can be automated. The machine has been designed with working efficiency in mind, which means that the strain on the operators is reduced and the time for changeover and maintenance is minimized. The result is a high working efficiency.

New operators can be trained quickly

  • Symbols and a layout based on those of Fuji pick and place machines and an intuitive operation, which is easy to understand for the operator leads towards a short training time. This means that new operators can be trained quickly.

Checks the printing conditions using 2D print image control *

  • 2-D print image inspection (Searchlight)
  • Inspects printed solder with the mark camera
  • Prevents incorrectly printed circuit boards from being sent to subsequent processes.

* This is a simplified inspection function.