Introducing the Fuji Flexible Placement Platform AIMEX III

In regard to the placement processes used for electronic circuit boards, there are ever growing calls for high-mix, as well as variable-mix and variable-volume production in order to keep up with changes in the marketplace.

In order to meet these demands, Fuji developed the flexible and expandable AIMEX IIIc, which was announced in October 2015. On this occasion we would like to announce the release of the AIMEX III, a machine built with the same concepts as the AIMEX IIIc, as well as the ability to produce large panels.


Product features

  • Optimal for high-mix production
    It has an industry top class in loadable number of parts with up to 130 part supply positions. AIMEX III also enables you to increase the loadable number approximately 1.5 times more by using HexaFeeders, offering flexible responses to variations in the quantity of supplied parts. Furthermore, using a DynaHead (DX) makes it possible for a single machine to support a wide range of part sizes from 0402 (01005″) parts* to 74 x 74 mm parts.
    *0402 (01005″) parts: Electronic components 0.4 x 0.2 mm in size
  • Support for variable-mix, variable-volume production
    This machine can be set with a coplanarity check function which detects defects on parts before placement as well as the LCR check function. This enables users to build quality in the production process even for variable-mix variable-volume production.
  • Large panel support
    Panels up to 774 x 710 mm can be produced. A double conveyor configuration is also possible, allowing for production using many different panel types and production modes.
  • Easy-to-use, on-machine editing function
    12-inch touch screens improve usability on AIMEX III.
    Ramping up production for new products and responding to errors can now be handled faster than ever with on-machine editing.
  • Improved productivity
    Productivity is better with the high speed head H24, providing a throughput of 37,000 cph* in high productivity mode with a placing accuracy of ±38 μm.
    *Cph: Chips per hour, the quantity of parts possible to be placed per hour