Spare parts

Despite the highest quality standards may from time to time turn out a part. Just in case – we shelve our main store in Kelsterbach for almost all important spare parts. If required, they are available at short notice for you. This also applies to older machines. Rely on our original spare parts service and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Fast and flexible response to your short-term demand
  • Accuracy and process reliability by original spare parts receive
  • The high precision of machine and process safety remain

Ordering and delivery conditions

A precondition for processing an order for spare parts is that a written order containing the following information:

  • Order number of the customer
  • Fuji Item number and description of the replacement part
  • Quantity
  • Indication of the priority

Direct courier (same day delivery)

  • All costs for transportation have to be carried by the customer
  • If necessary, the shipment can be prepared in combination with flight
  • Receipt of the order must be carried out until 16.30 h


Deliveries of spare parts for FUJI machines that are still covered by the warranty, take account of the appropriate priority “carriage free “:

  • Machine Down = Priority A / B
  • Other cases = Priority B / C