Eine erfolgreiche Partnerschaft über 30 Jahre

Statement from Jabil Corporate about Fuji as their long term key supplier (Nov 2016):

Since the advent of mainstream SMT in the 1980’s, our industry has come a long way. From the standard chip package size in the 80’s being 1206 and larger, to now where we consistently see 0402 and smaller.

50+ years in manufacturing machine tools, coupled with Jabil’s roadmap direction, Fuji has been able to supply solutions to the industry that have outperformed many of their competitors.

Fuji has been a key Supplier of placement systems to Jabil. They have supported Jabil through times of rapid expansion of high volume and higher technology products. It shows how Fuji and Jabil have enjoyed a great working relationship & growth during that time.

As Fuji has been a major part in our success as a world leader in electronic assembly, we would like to recognize Fuji as a “Preferred Supplier” and say thank you for the past 30 years and we hope to enjoy many more years in this partnership.

As we move forward with our development of the “Factory of the Future”, SMT placement will be an integral component and we believe Fuji will be well placed for supporting this initiative.