Fuji Flexa

Represents the latest generation of Fuji's SMT-Linemanagement Systems for handling and control of your production.

Based on Windows™-typical features and equiped with an extensive online-help Fuji Flexa is very simple to use. Seperate user levels and individuell permissions for Groups (=sub directories) and Jobs make the system extraordinary secure.
CAD and BOM data combined with Fuji's Part Library and the brand-new developed line balancers and optimisers result powerful production programs for your Fuji machines.
Ample functions for analysis of production data make the control of production and quality very easy.
The Server-Client concept gives a maximum of data security und fast data access on all workstations.

Supports flexible CAD import with improved body center calculation
Support of BOM
CAD-Assembly data comparison before production starts
Flexible data handling with access on graphic and/ or table area
Improved line balancing considering part data properties and machine configuration
Improved optimising considering individual part cycle time
Real time factory monitoring
Customisable reporting based on Web technologies
Seamless integration with other host systems
Powerful security features

VPDplus - Extension for Fuji Flexa

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