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FUJI Smart Factory with NEXIM
Plan ahead, monitor and influence every aspect of production cycle. An advanced network that connects to a real Smart Factory. It all starts with NEXIM…

When it comes to your production See it all. See everything. Control everything.

The path to high quality and efficient production begins with advanced SMT lines.

Optimal production through well prepared production cycles by linking the 4 Aspects for a standardized management of the entire production cycle.

1. Engineering

  • Transmission of information to a superordinate system
  • Creation of the schedule based on the production plan
  • Planning for production preparation

2. Logistics

  • Choose the right amount of the right material at the right time
  • Automatic setup
    Intelligent setup station
    Automatic splicing
    Reel loader
  • Automatic changeover for the entire line
  • Print inspection results confirmation

3. Process

  • Automatic print image adaptation through SPI “Feed Backward
  • Optical test result feedback
  • Skip board “Feed Forward”
  • Remote control
  • Automatic maintenance and management

4. Analysis

  • Remote monitoring
  • Traceability for the entire line
  • Monitor the floor status in real time
  • Real-time monitoring of the line status
  • Support for countermeasures