Placement processes with High-speed: New sFAB-Alpha

The automatization of processes after the SMT phase can now be implemented at very high speed. FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH has launched a new multifunctional placement platform for this production phase: The sFAB-Alpha combines the functionality of three machines in one and supports the integrated handling of several types of parts. It efficiently assembles axial/radial components and jumpers. The sFAB-Alpha takes up little space, reduces workload and ensures faster changeover times.

FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH, specialist for highly flexible placement systems in high-mix up to complete placement lines in high-volume, presents with the sFAB-Alpha a new innovation for backend automation. The mixed placement platform enables the integrated handling of several part types (radial parts, axial parts and jumpers) in one compact machine. This 3-in-1 principle increases utilization, saves time for changeover as well as space and installation or operating costs.

All-in-One-Solution for fast automated processes

The compact sFAB-Alpha requires only 25 percent of the space of a conventional machine. It is designed to automate manual assembly work and at the same time achieve high productivity and top quality. It offers immediate support for variable mix or variable volume production. The platform works with freely combinable parts supply units. The required units are set up according to production requirements. This significantly reduces the amount of work involved. Shorter and more efficient changeover times are also made possible.

“The main cause of machine stops is the replacement of parts. When part types need to be replaced, this process can take considerable time. The sFAB-Alpha supports offline exchange and batch exchange of feeders. It is therefore possible to change the feeders in a batch using the feeder trolley feeding method. In this way, parts can be exchanged in the shortest possible time. In addition, the speed of processes can be significantly increased by optimizing the cycle balance in the line,” explains Stefan Janssen, Assistant General Manager of FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH.

The sFAB-Alpha communicates with the Nexim software system provided by FUJI. Since it is possible to use shared panel and parts data, the time required for order creation can be reduced.