NXT III Scalable placement Platform

Since its market launch in 2003, the NXT series pick and place machine continuously developed to meet customer requirements.
The NXT III/IIIc is a highly productive, multifunctional modular pick and place machine. It is designed for speed and features a faster XY robot and Feeder. The NXT III/IIIc supports smallest parts used in mass production with extreme placement accuracy.

  • Operators can easily replace the heads
    The original compact, lightweight heads from Fuji can be easily exchanged without tools due to this operators on site can carry out maintenance work.
  • The machine automatically performs a calibration after the heads have been replaced
    After replacing the head, the operator simply presses the START button. The machine automatically performs a calibration for the head and starts the production.
  • Reconfigure the machine according to the purpose
    Modules, heads and supply units can be easily exchanged according to part types and production needs. This is a unique mechanism that maximizes production on the given floor space.
  • Increase the efficiency of production lines at minimum cost
    Increase the capacity in minimum units of 645 mm and support latest placement processes by adding different units. The costs can be reduced considerably, as no new machines have to be added.
  • Increase efficiency with simple material flow
    Single-sided operation rationalizes and optimizes the material flow, this is reducing the workload on the operator and increases the efficiency of material supply. Dies erhöht die Effizienz bei der Materialversorgung und bei der Durchführung von Wartungsarbeiten.