NXT-H Fuji Ultra Accurate Placement Platform

Dies and SMT in one machine

Hybrid Placing Machine

This machine is based on the surface mount technology for placing SMD parts in high speed and incorporates semi-conductor technology for placing die parts with high accuracy. The NXT-H allows you to go form a batch process using dedicated machines to an innovative inline production process.

  • Supports panels up to 610 x 610 mm
  • For small power modules and sensor modules
  • Handles dies up to 24 x 24 mm
  • For complex modules such as communication and sensor modules
  • Can load dies and SMTs with different supply methods
  • Modular concept that supports a many varieties of production types
  • Supports flip chips and face-up supply
  • Automatic pusher pot exchange


  • Functions for high-mix production
  • Wafer map display
  • Inside machine is kept clean
  • Maintenance guidance