AIMEX III Flexible Machine Platform

We present you the best machine for a High-Mix production

  • Industry leader in loadable parts with up to 130 part positions
  • Is the best choice for any type of production, with the flexibility to change the part type support
  • Supports from very small parts to large parts with one machine
  • Enables easy start-up of new productions or to react to occurring faults
  • Placement of adhesive dots simply with a placement head

3 key factors in choosing the best machine for your high-mix production

Versatility – Supports fast chip part placement and production of high-mix parts from many large parts and parts with odd shapes
High quality – Several types of checks prevent the occurrence of errors
Simple – The time and effort required is reduced by advantages such as the reduction of changeovers. The operation is simple, and the start-up of production runs smoothly

+ Space-saving -> Compact design with reduced length

+ High performance -> Supports the production of large printed circuit boards and simultaneous production of two products